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Electric Heating; It's the right choice for you!

 Is Electric Heating the right choice for you

There are many different heating products available on the market; in fact it can be very difficult to know which the right ones are for you to choose!  Electric powered heating systems are often overlooked but actually offer a range of benefits.

Efficiency of Electric Heating

Most electrical system will convert 100% of the energy provided into heat.  This means that they are the most efficient heating system available!  For example, a conventional central heating system uses a boiler to heat the water which is pumped round the system. 

This water loses much of its heat before it even gets to the radiators; reducing the efficiency of these systems.  In addition, the system relies on an electric pump to move the water.  This uses energy but provides no heat gain!

Climate Change

You are probably re that the world is subject to a process referred to as ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’.  This is a result of humans draining the world’s resources.  In order to preserve what there is left, reduce the impact on the environment and allow time to discover new solutions; it is imperative that everyone takes a responsible approach towards energy efficiency.

As electric heaters are the most efficient these can be the best choice for anyone who is concerned about their environmental impact.  If you wish to go a step further, an increasing number of homeowners are creating their own electricity by installing solar panels on their building or land.  This can dramatically reduce the impact of your heating system on the environment.  It can also reduce or even eliminate the cost of running your electric heaters.

Heater Design

One of the greatest benefits of an electric heater is that it does not need to have a flue exiting the building.  All it needs is a suitable power source.  As these can be easily installed it is very easy to position the electric heater wherever you wish to in your room.

Alongside this you will find that electric heaters come in a huge range of styles and sizes.  This means that you can easily find the right one for your style of home.

It is also worth noting that an electric heater can be quickly and easily added to any part of your building.  This is particularly useful if the current system does not do a good enough job, or you are planning an extension but do not wish to modify your wet heating system.

Installing Your Electric Heater

If you choose to use a gas boiler you will need a hole in your wall for the flue and a professionally qualified gas person to connect the boiler to your gas supply.  This is expensive and can create a significant amount of disruption round your home.

Electric heaters, in contrast, simply plug into a socket.  If there is not one nearby it is very easy to add one to your circuit.

Maintenance Issues

When evaluating the costs of the different heating systems it is important to consider what maintenance is required on an ongoing basis.  Electric heaters are generally very reliable and simply need cleaning periodically; to remove dust and debris. You don’t even need to do a regular service!

In contrast, the majority of other systems have a multitude of moving parts which will wear out; causing potentially expensive parts and labour repairs.

So, before you choose your next heating system; think carefully about the benefits of an electric one.

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