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Electric Patio Heaters

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Browse our electric patio heater collection below! Our patio heaters are designed to easily provide you the heat needed keep you warm whilst outside on an evening. Instead of setting a fire or using a gas bottle heater, simply plug in one of our electric patio heaters and depending on the fitment, you can be emitting heat in a large radius for a fraction of the cost.

Electric Patio Heaters

Our electric patio heaters can either use traditional halogen heating elements that can provide radiant heat up to about 9 meters squared whereas our more advanced infrared elements offer coverage up to 25 meters squared. The majority of our electric patio heaters also come with various heat settings so you can decide how much wattage is being used at any given time, allowing you control over the heat radiated as well as your energy consumption. Energy consumption is not a problem with our electric patio heaters as they operate with very low running costs, our most powerful unit on its highest setting ran at only 25p per hour, making our patio heaters incredibly cheap to run and energy efficient for the amount of heat emitted.

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