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Best Oscillating Fans on Sale Online

Browse the best oscillating fans, oscillating tower fans & cheap oscillating fans  both small & large below. We also stock pedestal oscillating fans with remote controls & quite metal, floor standing oscillating fans here @FuturaDirect which are ideal for cooling down wide spaces in homes, offices, commercial properties, caravans & anywhere else where movement & cool air is required.

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Buy the Best Oscillating Fans on Sale in the UK

Our range of swinging, oscillating fans push high volumes of air and use a relatively low wattage/ power consumption for their size and velocity and so keep you cool yet cut the cost of electricity when compared to air conditioning. These tall, floor standing and desk fans oscillate so as to spread cool air around any room, they come complete with a UK 3-pin plug attached so as to be positioned anywhere in the vicinity of a plug socket. The easy to use remote control functions on some models make them simple to turn on/off and speed up or slow down and the compact design make the perfect for storing during the cold months or when not required.   

Buy Oscillating Fans with Confidence @ Futura Direct

All our  oscillating fans come with the Futura Direct 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 2 Year Warranty as standard. We have a wide range of oscillating fans including, oscillating pedestal fans, pedestal fans with remote control, small/ large  oscillating fans as well as quite oscillating fans on sale above which are ideal for commercial or domestic applications. 

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Order your new  oscillating fan online from Futura Direct or for more info on any of the fans seen here, please feel free to contact our customer service team. 

Our Oscillating Tower Fans with Remote Control

Providing optimum air circulation. Our oscillating fans provide optimum air circulation for areas that require a lot of coverage. Oscillating tower fans provide you with a slim and compact solution to cooling areas around your home and workplace. With a low profile design, our oscillating tower fans are able to fit into places where conventional fans would be too big and could potentially knock something over with its rotating fan blade.

Using fully guarded fan blades and smooth running motors for head oscillation, our oscillating tower fans provide a convenient and safe way to cooling yourself and others down this summer. Take advantage of the turning radius of our fans, rotating up to 80 degrees to provide all round cooling.

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