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Comparing Electricity to Other Fuel Sources

Comparing Electricity to Other Fuel Sources

It doesn’t matter whether you own your home, rent it, or are even the landlord; safety and comfort are two of the most important factors. The safety of the property will influence your decision to live there and what appliances you choose to fit.

Electric heaters, particularly the eco versions, have a range of benefits which other fuels do not offer.

  • No Internal Fuel Source

Internal fuels carry the risk of explosion.  In addition, burning fuels inevitably produces carbon monoxide which is a silent but deadly gas.  This gas causes many deaths every year, even when the relevant safety checks have been done.

Any gas heater supplied for a tenant must be checked every year to confirm it is safe; but this does not guarantee it will be safe for the whole year.

  • Costs

If you use electric heaters you will not need to undertake any regular servicing and are unlike to need to complete maintenance on them. In contrast, heating with other fuel services will require you to pay out for the annual inspection and servicing.

However, this is not the only cost.  It can often be difficult to gain access to a tenant’s property.  This can involve expensive delays with a service person on standby; it can even involve contacting the police and a locksmith if your tenant is not prepared to let you in!

  • Emergency Repairs

Due to the lack of moving parts the electric heater has very little which can go wrong.  When you couple this with the fact that there will be several heaters within a home it is highly unlikely you will have an emergency call out.

However, other systems can suffer burst pipes which can cause extensive damage to your property and others; as well as inconvenience to any tenants.

Finally, with electric heaters it is very easy to control the temperature in different rooms and only heat the rooms which really need to be.  This means the cost of heating is lower and the ongoing costs are generally cheaper as an electric heater will run for years with no issues.

In the majority of cases, electric heating can offer a wide array of benefits over other fuel sources and should be seriously considered.

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