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Corded Hammer Drills

Browse our selection of corded hammer drills below! Our heavy duty corded hammer drills offer working comfort, perfect balance and compact design to bring you unbeaten performance and durability whilst drilling through a variety of materials, such as wood, metal or plastic. Terratek electric hammer drills are tough enough to complete any job you throw their way!

Corded Hammer Drills

For anyone interested in DIY and saving money during renovations or simply wanting to do things by yourself, a corded hammer drill is an absolute must for jobs that are simply out of reach for traditional electric drills. Our range provides excellent price points paired with lengthy feature lists that any professional can vouch for whilst also being user friendly with soft grip handles for added comfort and control.

Whether you’re drilling into cement, removing brick work or simply creating pilot holes for wall plugs, our selection of hammer drills will provide you with multiple options when it comes to price points, power provided and what kind of accessories would serve you best for the task.


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