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Electric Radiators


Low Energy Electric Radiators, provide the same quality of heat as traditional central heating without any heat loss through pipework. With our range of electric radiators, cumbersome installation and maintenance will be a thing of the past as well as many other beneficial features to switching over to electric. Best of all, they save you money in the short and long term by being 100% energy efficient.

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Low Energy Electric Radiators

Our electric radiator ranges provides modern heating solutions to problems associated with a traditional central heating system. The simplicity of the DIY wall mountable radiator means you can fit the unit quickly and easily with the included fitment brackets and have your radiator up and running in minutes. Another common problem with modern central heating is cost, with rising gas and electricity bills, it is important now more than ever to know where your money is going. Our electric radiators excel in minimising electricity usage whilst also maintaining 100% energy efficiency, The heater will initially heat itself up to the desired temperature, once reached the radiators will enter a standby mode, effectively using no electricity whilst sustaining a current heat. When the temperature of the surrounding area is detected as dropping below the desired level, the heater will power back up, top up the heat in the room and power back down again.

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Electric Radiators

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