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EcoDesign and What It Means For Electric Heating

EcoDesign and What It Means For Electric Heating

We will be looking into all the information necessary to understand the new EcoDesign Directive legislation that rolled out for 2018, effecting all future electronic heating products. The EcoDesign Directive legislation also referred to as Lot 20, is a new EU legislation that is designed to meet new minimum environmental requirements and bring us away from older style electric heaters with inefficient technology and large consumptions of energy. This is part of the UK’s plans to reduce the carbon footprint left when using electrical heating.

Portable Electric Heaters

The EcoDesign requirements for electric heating products now effects portable electric heaters, requiring an electric thermostat reading and are no longer allowed to be wall mounted as well as portable.

Wall Mounted Electric Panel Heater Effects

The requirements specified by the EcoDesign directive for electric panel heaters that are mounted onto walls are as follows; all electric heating products manufactured from January of 2018 must utilise an electronic thermostat to accurately read the temperature of the unit, enabling you to have a better idea as to how much heat the unit is producing.

Alongside the required thermostat, all installed heating products must have a 24-hour, 7 day timer with an open window sensor or similar adaptive start functionality. This is to allow consumers to have more control over when and the amount of time an electric heater is operating, combining this with an open window sensor prevents heaters from continuously emitting warmth into a room that may be losing it just as quick.

When will this take effect?

The new legislation only covers heaters that have been manufactured after January 2018 and primarily effects suppliers and landlords who will need to adhere to the new ruleset, customers of these items, however, can be happy knowing that all manufactured, wall mounted electric heaters going forward will have these great functionalities as standard.

Does Futura Direct sell new EcoDesign heaters?

Yes! Our new Purus Panel Heater range for 2018 adheres to these very rules and will be an ideal replacement for any property developers looking to ensure they follow the new rules or someone who is looking to make the switch from traditional to electric heating.


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