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Become an Affiliate

The Futura Direct Affiliate Program enables you to earn commission online by aligning your site with the UK leading manufacturers of home, DIY, electronics, health and gardening products. The concept is simple: We make money, you make money!

Join our affiliate program today and earn commission on our range of electrical products! 

Exclusive affiliate commissions: Futura Direct
isn’t just for those in the UK, we also offer affiliate programs to those in other countries.

Wide range of electrical products: Earn extra cash on all kinds of products including, heaters, fans, massage products, gardening products, tools and more!

Frequent Deals & Offers: Get special affiliate offers for a wide range of monthly promo codes and offers to assist with conversion.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

•  Futura Direct  is the global leader in electronic goods. Positioned online as the affordable alternative to high priced branded goods. 

•, eBay and Amazon are a driving force for Futura Direct. Receiving 1.6 million page views per month and 62,000 visits per month. The site and products offered are designed specifically for a niche group of buyers. 

• The Futura Direct Affiliate Program is free and easy to become a partner! There are no fees attached, and our Affiliate Program is straightforward and easy to implement.

• We offer a top tier program with increased commissions for top performers and publishers 

• Vanity promo codes and co-branded landing pages are available  

How Do I Get Started?

We have an in house Affiliate Manager to bring you the best money-making program around. To sign up and become an affiliate, you will first need to, contact us, sign up and register to become a member...

Click the link below and complete the short application form to start earning money!

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