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Portable Radiators

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Shop our range of portable radiators below. Similar to conventional radiators but with the added benefit of being able to pick up or simply roll your heater to wherever you want to be warm. Our portable radiators will fix the cold spots in the rooms around your property whilst also saving you on heating costs.

Portable Radiators

The main strength of our portable electric radiators is that their portable and lightweight design is also able to provide both convection and radiant heat. Similar to a conventional radiator but with the added benefit of being able to have plug-in portability, so when it is time to move your radiator to another room simply unplug it and roll it to wherever is suitable. Once you are ready to pack away your portable radiator, hey even come with a wraparound cord for simple and easy storage. Our portable radiators are filled with pure diathermic oil meaning there is no need to refill them and they stay warmer for longer than conventional radiators. With its silent operation and ability to warm a room long after switching off, it makes it ideal to use in an office environment, whilst you sleep or when watching television and have it not distract you.

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