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Electric Fly Killers

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Browse our selection of electric fly killers below! With various sizes and wattages, we are certain you will be able to find the ideal solution to your pest problem without resorting to toxic sprays. Whilst also being available at a price point that can fit your budget. Ideal for both domestic and commercial properties such as pubs, shops and gardens.

Electric Fly Killers

All of our electronic fly killers use ultraviolet bulbs to draw in flying insects to an electronically charged grid placed in front of the bulbs that instantly kills whatever insects makes contact with it. Below the grid is an easy to remove tray that will catch falling dead insects and allow you to dispose of them easily. The ultraviolet bulbs used within our electric fly killers whilst bright and attractive to insects, use very little power which is partially why the overall running costs of our electric fly killers is so cheap. Pair this with our bulbs that can have an average life span of up to 6000 hours and you have an incredibly cheap to run fly killer that can be left to do its job whilst you enjoy your time without having to be pestered by bugs.

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