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Pest Control

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Browse our range of pest control products below! Our great selection of pest repellents and fly zappers will protect you throughout the year from pesky critters and various other rodents. Take a look at our wide variety of different electric fly killers or for more of a discreet approach to keeping rats, mice, mosquit, spiders and more from entering your home, check out our advanced ultrasonic rodent and bug repellers!

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Pest Control

Enjoy yourself this summer and protect yourself from biting insects and various other creepy crawlies with one of our pest control products. Our great selection will allow you to choose exactly the right solution to whatever issue you are having with bugs and rodents. We offer fly curtains to cover your doorways; which is the main entry point for insects getting into your home. As well as preventative measures we sell electric fly killers to help clear any domestic or commercial properties of flying insects. For larger pests such as rodents, our ultrasonic pest control range repels them using advanced electro-magnetic wave frequencies whilst also killing smaller invaders such as spiders, mosquitos and more.

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