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How Do Electric Oil Filled Radiators Work?

 How Do Electric Oil Filled Radiators Work

Oil filled electric radiators can be mounted in a fixed position, but they are generally kept as portable units with wheels. The advantage of this is that they can be moved from room as required. They are generally acknowledged to be one of the most effective and cost efficient heating options on the market at present.

Understand the Oil Filled Radiator

As its name suggests, this type of electric heater is filled with oil. The heater is designed to have a large number of fins; these dramatically increase the surface area of the heater whilst creating pockets for air to collect in.

The whole radiator is full of small pipes which carry oil round it. The oil is heated by an electrical element and pumped round the heater.  This allows all the surfaces on the heater to heat up and start warming the attached atmosphere.

You will usually find a control panel on the side of these heaters. This will allow you to set a thermostatic temperature and some even have timers to control their on and off times.

An oil filled radiator is incredibly efficient as it can be moved from room to room; even after it has warmed up.  You simply plug it in again and it will continue pushing out heat!  You do not need to refill the oil; the heater is powered by electricity.  The diathermic oil is simply the vessel for the heat; it does not burn or even evaporate inside the radiator.

Long Lasting Heat

The beauty of an oil filled electric radiator is that the heat lasts a long time.  It has been noted that they generally take longer to heat up than many of their competitors.  However, once they are warmed up they will put out heat for hours; even if you turn them off.

This is because the diathermic oil is exceptionally good at retaining heat and will emit this heat long after the heater is off.  The oil filled radiator is the perfect solution for a bedroom; warm it before you go to bed and then turn it off.  It will produce heat for several more hours; helping to keep the chill away from your room.

It is also useful to know that an oil filled radiator does not have a fan.  It is a virtually soundless device: which is an impressive advantage in many situations.

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