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Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Browse our selection of infrared outdoor heaters below! Fitted with infrared heating elements that can provide heat coverage of up to 25 metres squared on various models, making these our most powerful outdoor heaters on sale. With the additional heat settings added for control and comfort, they allow you to specify how much wattage you want to be used at any given time.

Infrared Outdoor Heaters

Our highly efficient infrared heaters are able to provide varying levels of heat and light to larger outdoor areas without carrying large energy usage bills. With power ratings up to 2500 Watts our heaters are more than capable of providing enough heat on their own to groups of people whether that be in your back garden or various other domestic and commercial environments, allowing you to make the most of the outside all year. All of our infrared heaters are also supplied with wireless remotes with various heating controls so you can freely customise how much energy and heat is being emitted at any given time.

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