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Double Electric Blankets

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Browse our selection of double electric blankets. Heat your double sized bed with our high quality under blankets that provide several different heat levels to suit your personal preference. You even have the option to individually heat specific parts of the blanket, a perfect solution for those who get cold feet during the night or who just want a warm bed to climb into.

Double Electric Blankets

Our selection of double bed electric blankets come packed with useful features and benefits, making this an incredibly cost effective way to really enjoy heated bedding. Our electric blankets feature very quick heat up times and various controller comfort settings, allowing you to choose which side and where on the blanket you want to heat.

Controllable through the two controller units included with your purchase and fit onto the ends of your blanket, these units enable you to choose the desired temperature for your double electric blanket but also control which side of the bed you want the heat, ideal for a double bed where you may not want to heat both sides. It also has the option for you to only heat specific parts of the blanket as it divides the heat into different sections. An example of this would be to have it heat one side of your dual control double electric blanket but only the feet on the other half.

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