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Tricks and to save your energy and your money!

 Tricks and to save your energy and your money

Energy is an essential part of your home.  It is used for lighting, heating and even cooking.  However, it can also be a very expensive part of your monthly bills.

Fortunately, this does not have to be the case.  There are a variety of ways in which you can reduce your energy usage and save yourself a small fortune on your energy bills:

  • Lower Your Thermostat

You will have probably heard of this tip before.  However, what you may not know is that turning your thermostat down by just one degree can equate to a £75 saving; each year!  You won’t even notice the difference in temperature.

  • Leave it ON

It can take a lot of heat and energy to warm a cold house.  In fact, it can take more to keep warming a house you have allowed to cool than it does to keep it warm.  Instead of setting the time for short periods of intense heat, turn your thermostat down a little more and leave your system on.  You may be surprised at how much you can save on heating a home.

  • Add a Layer

Having a heating system does not mean that you need to walk round in shorts and t-shirt in the middle of the winter.  There is no harm in wearing an extra layer of clothes.  This will keep you warm whilst saving you a significant amount of energy and funds.

  • Check Your Home

Every bit of heat lost means more energy and cost to reheat the house.  Whilst you can’t avoid going in and out of the house, you can check for draughts and eliminate them.  Sealant will reduce the gaps where draughts enter and curtains will help to insulate windows.

  • Take the Plug Out!

Leaving a plug in a socket, or an item on standby will involve a small electrical charge.  If you are not using something then unplug it.  The small savings can add to a significant saving over the course of a year.

  • Light The Way

Light bulbs are essential; especially in the winter.  However, an energy saving bulb will last much longer than your standard ones.  It will use less electricity to run and cost less to replace; as it does not need doing so often.

In addition, you should turn off the lights you are not using.  Keep enough on to see what you are doing, but the rest can stay off!

  • Boil the Kettle

A kettle uses a lot of electricity.  Make sure you minimize this by only boiling as much water as you need.

  • Cool Your Washing

Modern washing machines are very effective when you use the 30 C cycle.  It is worth doing the majority of your washing at this temperature to save money heating the water.  If you combine this with only doing full loads you will find the washing is easier and cheaper.

Dishwashers also have economy options which should be used and, again, you should only ever allow a full load to be put on.

Each of these savings may be small but they can add up to a significant difference on your energy bills!


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