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Buy Oil Filled Radiators & Oil Filled Electric Heaters Online

Browse oil filled electric radiators & oil filled electric heaters both portable & wall mounted below. Our range of oil filled electric radiators offer an economical & contemporary method for heating any commercial or domestic space. Available in Small (500w), Medium (1kw -1500 watt) & large sizes (2kw & 2.5kw) our oil filled radiators come fitted with a UK plug & emit heat long after they are switched off due to their energy-efficient diathermic oil core.

Browse our range of Oil Filled Electric Radiators below & Order Online before 12pm for Same Day Dispatch...

Best Oil Filled Electric Radiators on Sale

All our oil filled electric radiators utilise modern diathermic-oil-heating technology to efficiently provide heat in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. The come complete with a UK plug attached, generous extension cables and offer a versatile and environmentally friendly approach to heating your home or commercial building. Our electric radiators provide long lasting and cost effective heat due to their modern design and technology.

Use our Electric Radiator vs. Room Size Calculator to work out what size/ wattage electric radiators you'll need to sufficiently heat the space... 

Buy Oil Filled Electric Radiators with Confidence @ Futura Direct

All our electric heated oil filled radiators come with a UK plug attached and the Futura Direct 30 Day Money Back Guarantee + 2 Year Warranty as standard. We have a wide range of electric rads to choose from including wall mounting oil filled radiators and oil filled radiators with timers and thermostats, free-standing and portable oil filled radiators, eco and energy efficient electric radiators as well as conservatory oil filled radiators

One of the advantages of an oil-filled radiator is its ability to retain and emit its heat well after powering down, similarly to conventional hot-water radiators. Check out this video showing just how quickly and long our oil filled radiators retain and optimise their heat output.

For more information on Oil Filled Radiators, please feel free to contact our dedicated support and sales team.

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