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Outdoor Heaters

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Browse our range of outdoor heaters below! We offer a selection of outdoor heaters with various wattages including hanging heaters, free standing heaters and remote controlled infrared heaters. Designed to be used outside premises to provide heat on a cold evening such as in your back garden or outside pubs and shops.

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Outdoor Heaters

Make the most of the outdoors throughout the year with our range of outdoor heaters. Enjoy sitting outside in an evening with one of our hanging, free standing or remote controlled heaters. Perfect for parties, BBQ’s and sitting under the stars. All of our outdoor heaters on sale come encased with a fully waterproof casing that allows it to be left outside at all time without having to worry about weathering. All of our outdoors heaters are supplied as DIY products so we enclose all the required fittings and instructions to install your heaters yourself, saving you money on not having to hire a professional.

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