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Benefits of Using an Oil Filled Radiator

Benefits of Using an Oil Filled Radiator

An oil filled radiator is a valuable and efficient way of heating any space.  In fact, there are a number of distinct benefits to adopting this type of heating system:


Many heaters push hot air out through the use of a fan.  However, the oil filled radiator does not use a fan and is, therefore, virtually silent to run.  The only noise you are likely to hear is an occasional click of the thermostat.

Air Humidity

One of the biggest problems of many heating systems is that they dry out the air in your home.  This can actually increase the chances of getting infections.  In contrast the oil filled radiator doesn’t do this.  Your air will retain its humidity and be pleasant to breathe.

Energy Saving

All the electricity used by an oil filled radiator is used to generate heat; namely by warming the oil inside.  There is no electricity wasted.  This makes the oil filled radiator one of the most energy efficient ways of heating any room.  It is also surprisingly cheap to run!

Cooling Power

A fan assisted radiator will instantly stop producing heat when you turn it off.  The same is not true of an oil filled radiator.  Once the oil is warm it can continue to push out heat for many hours; even if you have turned the power off!


Like many heaters these devices have thermostats; allowing you to control the heat level of a particular space.


Most oil filled radiators are small enough to be picked up and carried.  However, some are too large for this and they generally come equipped with wheels; making it very easy to move any heater from one room to another.

Safety First

Some heaters get so hot that you or your child can seriously burn yourself, just by touching them.  Fortunately this has never been an issue for someone with an oil filled radiator.  The surface gets hot but not hot enough to burn your skin.

Additionally, it is not possible to get to the heating element; this is the oil inside the radiator.  Not being able to touch it means the heater is much safer than other, similar devices.

You will also find that your oil filled radiator will have safety features, such as over heat protection or a tilt switch which will shut the heater off instantly if a problem is identified.  The lack of a burnable fluid or gas also means there is no need to worry about dangerous gases lingering in your home.

There are a huge range of electric oil filled radiators to choose from; it is best to do some research before you select the right one for your needs.

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