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Electric Radiators Wall Mounted

Browse our range of wall mounted electric radiators. Our electric radiators match the same power and quality as traditional wall fitted radiators, only without the installation complications or reliance on central heating. All of our electric radiators can be quickly and easily wall mounted with only the most basic of DIY tools and skills using the mounting bracket provided.

Electric Radiators Wall Mounted

Electric Radiators Wall Mounted provide the same quality of heat coverage as traditional wall fitted radiators. However unlike traditional radiators an electric radiator doesn’t lose heat via external piping, and also doesn’t incur maintenance costs or potential disaster like when conventional radiators malfunction and begin leaking water throughout your property. Our wall mounted electric radiators do away with a lot of the main issues associated with radiators giving you piece of mind long after initial installation.

Everything required to get your new electric radiator wall mounted securely is included within your purchase. We supply the easy to fit mounting bracket as well as the screws so all you need to do is decide where to mount it. Once you have completed the installation and you are happy with the placement, plug your new electric radiator in and you are ready to begin the initial setup process where you will be prompted to set the current date and time. After this, you can simply turn your heater on and off whenever required or you can begin setting the digital thermostat to cater to your own personalised schedule.

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