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Slimline Electric Radiators

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Browse our great range of slimline electric radiators. Our slim radiators utilise current heating technologies by condensing the size of common household radiators which can be a large and bulky source of heat to have around your home, into something very low profile whilst still providing a comfortable and warm environment.

Slimline Electric Radiators

Our slimline radiator range grants more possibilities and freedom of design with them being able to be installed anywhere in a room. Not requiring any plumbing and being low profile enough that it can fit in places where you wouldn’t normally put a conventional heater. The slim electric radiators dimensions means they are ideal for kitchens, small bedrooms, conservatories, even narrow hallways! It can also be incredibly useful for home extensions where an already existing system may not have the means to supply enough heat to more conventional wet radiators.

Fixtures included in all of our slimline electric radiator range comes as a slender, close-fitting wall mountable bracket. Our slimline radiators are so lightweight that they can be installed on a wide variety of surfaces without any issues, including stud walls.

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