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What is a Heater Fin and How Does the Surface Area Matter?

What is a Heater Fin and How Does the Surface Area Matter

The fin of any heater is the ripples which create an increased surface area without extending the width or depth of the heater.  This is an important development as it allows an electric heater to be compact yet extremely effective.

The Electric Oil Heater

You will be familiar with the look of an electric oil heater; the surface dilates in and out, creating the fins.  Each of these fins has inner pipes which the oil flows through.  As the oil is warmed by the electric element it warms the surface of the heater.  The heat from this surface is then allowed to radiate into the room; warming it through radiation.

The larger the surface area of any heater the more air it can warm at any given time.  Although oil heaters can take a little while to warm up, they can be a very effective heating method.  Of course, the amount of heat any heater produced is controlled by the wattage the heater uses.  The higher the wattage rating the more powerful the heater and the quicker it will heat a room.  Although fins increasing the speed at which a room can be heated, they cannot increase the amount of heat being generated.

Naturally Convected Solutions

Natural convection means that the room is warmed through the cool air in the room coming into contact with the surface area of the heater.  This warms the air and allows it to move on.  The larger the surface area the easier it is to spread the heat.


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Then electric oil filled radiator is one of these types of heaters; and a very effective one!  It warms the air round it which will naturally rise.  In doing so it pushes the cooler air at the top of the room downwards.  This then comes into contact with the heater and warms.  The process is then repeated until the room reaches your desired temperature.

Is Air Convection Different?

No, air convection is the process which describes the air being moved away from the heater.  This process will allow an entire room to be heated; ensuring the whole room feels like an even temperature; whilst you can always enjoy the sensation of being stood near the fire!


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