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Commercial Fly killers

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Browse our selection of commercial fly killers below! Perfect for use in commercial settings such as shops and pubs where flies can be a pest for customers and yourself whilst also ideal for businesses where flying insects are a health and safety concern such as in food and catering. You can rest assured our commercial fly killers will resolve any flying insect problems.

Commercial Fly Killers

An electric fly killer is a necessity in commercial environments such as shops, cafes and various industrial settings to keep flying insects from becoming a pest or even a health and safety concern. With our commercial fly killers you can keep on top of any flying insect issues, preventing them from reproducing and causing even more of an issue for your staff and customers. Our silent running, commercial fly killers utilise UV bulbs that attract flies towards the electrically charged gridding that kills flying insects instantly, causing the flies to then fall into a small discreet tray below that you can then easily slide out and dispose of.

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