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Electric Fly Zappers

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Browse our selection of electric fly zappers below! No need for toxic sprays; requiring you to go hunting for bugs, ineffective candles that don’t smell particularly nice or messy creams with our wide variety of electric fly zappers on sale. Effective at killing most flying insects such as flies, mosquitos, moths, gnats, fly ants and many more.

Electric Fly Zappers

Our electric fly zapper units are both effective during the day and night with its ultraviolet bulbs that can draw insects in from a coverage of up to 150 metres squared depending on the environment, weather and time of day*. Our electric fly zappers are very economical and cheap to run, making them ideal for use in the home, back garden, shops, offices, and many other applications where effective pest control is needed. All of our fly zappers come with a 24 month guarantee so you can be rest assured that as long as it has the bulbs to power, you can rely on your electric fly zapper to have you protected from pests and bug bites. *Draw distance may vary between wattages.

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