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Ultrasonic Pest Repellers - Mice, Rats, Spiders & Mosquito 

Browse our ultrasonic mouse repellent selection below! By emitting electromagnetic frequency waves to an effective coverage of up to 60 metres squared, our advanced plug-in repellers attack the pest’s central nervous system. This causes them great discomfort when in range of the repeller, forcing them to flee and thus preventing rodents from coming into your property and building nests.

Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent

The ultrasonic mouse repellents on sale at future direct use advanced ultrasonic methods to repel rats, mice and rodents whilst also having built-in ionic air purifiers which help fight against bad bacteria that can attract such pests to your domestic or commercial properties in the first place. Whilst the electromagnetic waves used by our ultrasonic mouse repellents are harmful to small rodents and insects, they are completely safe to be used around cats, dogs and various other pets. Our ultrasonic mouse repellers also utilise pulse circuitry that sends waves through cabling inside of your walls to give you superior coverage, able to effect rodents that could be living inside of your walls.

Get your ultrasonic mouse repellent today! Manufactured by Vermatik and available exclusively online from Futura Direct. Buy Now! – Fast Delivery!

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