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In Review; Terratek Submersible Water Pumps

In Review; Terratek Submersible Water Pumps

The Terratek range of submersible water pumps offer users a complete pumping solution for dirty water, swimming pools, ponds, man chambers, basements or flooded/ low laying water clogged areas.

With a low wattage 400w submersible water pump and high velocity 1100w submersible water pump on sale, choosing the best evacuation pump online is easy with the help of the key information in this review…

1100w Terratek Submersible Water Pump 

1100W Submersible Water Pump delivers 250 litres a minute (minimum rate) which equates to over 15,000 litres an hour and can be used on flooded areas, dirty water or for general water removal due to its ability to move particles with a grain size of less than 35mm.

Made from tough and durable, corrosion proof materials and complete with automatic float switch so as to turn the pump on and off according to water levels and avoid dry running/ pumping.

The 1100w Terratek submersible water pump comes complete with step adaptor and elbow as well as 30 day money back satisfaction promise and 2 year guarantee when bought online from Futura Direct.


1100W Terratek Submersible Water Pump – Key Features

  • Voltage: 230V~50Hz
  • Rated power: 1100W
  • delivery height: 9.5m
  • pumping rate: 15000 l/h
  • depth: 7m
  • grain size: 35 mm
  • Of pipe: 1"(2.5cm), 1 1/4" (3.17cm), 1 1/2" (3.81cm)
  • Electrical cable 10M

Our high volume submersible pump is designed to remove clean/dirty water with particles of a max. size of 35mm at high speed. It can be used in a variety of bodies of water including pools, ponds and flooded areas. Fitted with an automatic float switch this enables the pump to be operated automatically avoiding dry running of the pump.

Evacuating water from somewhere which it is not wanted can be a time consuming and dirty job. Terratek submersible water pumps make the most of high velocity pumping and low wattage as well as incorporate modern technology and safety features. 

Buy Online @Futura Direct - Terratek Submersible Water Pump
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