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In Review; Futura Key Safe & Lock Box (Large Size)

In Review; Futura Key Safe & Lock Box (Large Size)

The Futura Key Lock Box is a safe and secure way to store a key outside. Allowing multiple people access to a property with an external wall mounting key lock box from Futura Direct is the ideal security solution for holiday lets, rental properties, sheds and outbuildings even garden gates or for anywhere where multiple people may require access.

Measuring 145mm x 105mm x 50mm our larger sized wall mounted lock boxes provide ample storage for multiple keys, debit or credit cards as well as prevent lock-outs and provide access. Made from reinforced aluminium and metal our key safe lock boxes are easy to wall mount and install and come complete with a 2 year guarantee.


Futura Large Outdoor Key Lock Box (Key Features)

  • Large key storage compartment holds over 5 keys & Debit/Credit Cards
  • Futura wall-mounted key safe has a 4-dial re-settable combination
  • Key storage door pivots and opens smoothly
  • Remains attached to lock-body for convenient operation
  • Reinforced body withstands hammering, sawing and prying
  • Wall-mounted key lock box shutter door provides weather resistance
  • Wall mounting fixtures and fittings supplied
  • 145 x 105 x 50 mm - outside dimensions


Stop worrying about hiding your keys under your doormat or behind a plant pot. Make sure that you always have the ability to get inside with the Futura Wall Mounted Key Storage Security Lock. It has enough room to hold multiple keys as well as debit or credit cards & key cards inside.

Our wall-mounted key safe has been built to last, it has a simple design to complement any decor.

This key safe comes with the necessary fixtures and fittings for mounting. It is made of hard and resilient materials that are resistant to the force of a hammer, sawing, prying and the weather. The four-digit combination is easy to use and resets whenever you need to change it.

Futura Wall Mounted Key Lock Box FAQs

How do I wall mount this?

Using the provided wall plugs and screws, simply align the holes on the rear of the key safe up to where you would like it and begin drilling to make the necessary fixtures.

How durable is this?
It is made of hard and resilient aluminium metal that is resistant to the force of a hammer, sawing and prying as well as the weather thanks to the sliding combination cover.

How do i set the code the first time?
Inside the lock box there is a little reset switch that you can press with your thumb. Change the numbers on the combination to a new number and move the switch back to its original position.

Buy Online @Futura Direct - Large Key Lock Box
Also available in regular/ small sized -- Small Key Lock Box
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