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Dehumidifiers | Humidifiers

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Browse our range of dehumidifiers | humidifiers below! Take control of your room’s humidity with our selection of dehumidifiers that work to draw in moisture from the air; fighting against the build-up of damp and mould. And our selection of humidifiers that forces moisture back into the air, preventing respiratory problems, dry and other associated health risks with low humidity.

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Dehumidifiers | Humidifiers

Controlling the humidity of the rooms you frequently use on a daily basis with our dehumidifiers and humidifiers can have an immediate effect on your quality of life as well as preventing associated health problems and property damage. The recommended humidity levels are from 30% to 50% but without the correct mix of ventilation and insulation, it can be very easy to drift to either side of these recommendations.

Soon enough you will begin to experience some of the negative effects associated with having either too much or too little moisture in your surroundings. Here at Futura Direct, we offer a variety of different dehumidifiers and humidifiers for both domestic and commercial properties. For any additional information or advice on humidity levels, please get in touch using our contact us page.

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