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Best Electric Heating Systems for Flats & Homes

Best Electric Heating Systems for Flats & Homes

Electric Heating for Flats & Homes in the UK

Flats, apartments, maisonettes and electric heating systems go hand in hand. With tough rules regulating the use of gas appliances and gas powered heating here in the UK, electric heating is by far the preferred choice of many landlords, tenants and property owners.

Electric panel heaters and electric radiators are often the best choice for heating a flat or apartment whereas some landlords may choose to install electric central heating in large or shared properties.

We shall examine below the two most cost effective forms of electric heating; Panel Heaters & Electric Radiators

Why & Where is Electric Heating Installed? 

Many modern apartment blocks, flats and maisonettes will only have electric heating installed. Electric heating is a safe and reliable way of heating a flat or home and is also a cost effective heating method providing that electric panel heaters or electric radiators are used and positioned appropriately.

Installing Electric Panel Heaters in a Flat or Home

Choosing the right size, shape and power output of an electric panel heater is by far the most important part of a successful installation. After all a small panel heater or a panel heater which is too large for the room will either not get warm enough or will over heat the room. Choosing the perfect size panel heater is simple with the help of our handy Panel Heater Calculator - all a user needs to do is work out the size of the room in which they intend to install a panel heater, once the dimensions of the room are inputted the calculator will work out an approximate size and wattage for the room size in question. This will ensure that the panel heater purchased is correct for the room and so gain in-roads towards efficiencies in consumption of electricity vs. heat output. 

Installing Electric Radiators in a Flat or Home

Electric radiators and in particular electric oil filled radiators provide exceptional heat output for their size and electricity consumption levels. In-fact when coupled to a green source of electricity there is no better method of heating a home or flat.  The diathermic oil contained within our range of electric radiators acts as a heating reservoir and so once warm less energy is used by the heating element to maintain the electric radiators current heat setting. 

Is Electric Heating Cheap to Run?

Providing the best panel heater or best electric radiator possible is installed, taking into consideration size and wattage/ heat output as well as placement around a flat or home, electric heating provides an extremely cost effective solution when compared to other methods. You can read more on the costs of electric heating here... 

Be sure to check out our range of panel heaters and electric radiators which are ideal for flats and apartments as well as homes and small offices. 


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