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Do You Know How Much an Electric Panel Heater Costs to Use?

Do You Know How Much an Electric Panel Heater Costs to Use

Panel Heater Running Costs; The Facts 

Are Panel Heaters Expensive to Run ?, is a question that's at the front of everyones mind with utility chargers on the increase in recent years. 

Whilst Panel heaters are generally inexpensive, they are a very effective heating source for Domestic and Commercial properties alike, Electric Panel Heaters are often used in Mobile homes, Caravans and other leisure style properties. 

Check the Electricity Cost Calculator Below 

Power Rating Per Hour Per Day Per Week 
400 watt 6.16p £0.37 £2.59
600 watt 9.25p £0.55 £3.88
900 watt 13.87p £0.83 £5.82
1000 watt 15.41p £0.92 £6.47
1200 watt 18.49p £1.11 £7.77
1500 watt 23.11p £1.39 £9.71
2000 watt 30.82p £1.85 £12.94
2500 watt 38.52p £2.31 £16.18
3000 watt 46.23p £2.77 £19.42

National Average's as of June 2017 based on 6 Hour per Day usage at full power.

Reduce Panel Heater Running Costs

There are a few simple steps you can take which will help Reduce Panel Heater Running Costs:

  • Lower the thermostat by a few degrees.
  • Use the built in timer to control when the heater comes on and off.
  • Keeping the room at a desired temperate all day will in theory reduce the running cost as the Panel Heater will keep topping up the room heat continuously through out the day.

To meet the latest European Certification in 2018, all Wall Mounted Panel Heaters must have digital timer's and thermostat's along with rapid temperate cuts off mode. 

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