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In Review; Futura Eco 1800 Watt Lot 20 Bathroom Panel Heater

Under review this week at Futura Direct is the Lot 20 compliant, bathroom safe wall mounting (or floor standing) bathroom panel heater by Futura Eco in 1800w.

This Futura Eco brand product is one of the best-selling panel heaters in the bathroom safe electric heating category. It is easy to see why when compared to other panel heaters on sale online as this simple, elegant design suits almost any bathroom. Safe to use pre-programmable timers as well as built in thermostat coupled to the ultra low price point, makes this panel heater one of the best value for money examples to be found on sale anywhere online and so comes highly rated by many. 

The heat output is particularly high in this model when compared to others in the bathroom safe category and its simplistic and flat wall mounting ability makes it a functional heater for most UK bathrooms up to 20 Square Meter. Anything over 20 square meter users are prompted towards a high powered bathroom panel heater such as the Futura Eco 2000w Bathroom panel heater which is designed to suit larger bathrooms or kitchens.


** Work out which size wattage panel heater you need with this panel heater room size calculator @FuturaDirect **

Product Under Review - Futura Eco 1800W Electric Panel Electric Heater Bathroom Safe Setback Timer Lot 20

What it comes with... Wall mounting or floor standing, kits are included as well as a 3 pin plug attached. Timer and thermostat functions are included with easy to use controls and a digital screen. The product also carries the 30 day money back promise and standard 2 year warranty. Available with this panel heater are a set of casters and floor standing feet, making this panel heater a versatile option for those who prefer not to affix the heater to a wall or where plug sockets are unavailable. Castors also allow for movement and the ability to dry different parts of the bathroom or surrounding areas, the auto cut off function and knock sensors as well as IP24 rating make this a superior choice in bathroom safe products when compared to others in the market. 

It is recommended by the manufacturer that when mounting any electric panel heater in a bathroom that it be performed by a qualified electrician due to safety.

Features of the 1800w Futura Eco Panel Heater

Clean & Simple Design

Ergonomically Correct Size & Shape

Flat Panel Wall Mounting

Plug in and Play (3 Pin UK Plug Attached)

2 Year Warranty as Standard

IP24 Bathroom/ Kitchen Safe Rated

Splash Proof Design

Integral Thermostat

Adequately Heats 20 Square Meter Room

LOT20 Approved – Landlord & Commercial

Auto Open Window Detection

Compact, Sleek & Unobtrusive L=87cm x D=7cm x W=40cm

User Manual --

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