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Slimeline Electric Panel Heaters - Knowing the difference

 Slimeline Electric Panel Heaters - Knowing the difference

Slimline panel heaters are the best solution for your heating needs; although they are often overlooked.  It is important to keep your office space at a reasonable temperature; this improves your ability to be productive and focus on the task in hand.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small home office or a large industrial complex; slimline panel heaters can provide the right level of warmth for each area of the building; you can heat just the rooms you need and adapt the temperature very quickly; when required. Check out our panel heater size calculator!

Our range of slimline electric panel heaters can be wall mounted to provide you with just the right solution.  They also have the advantage of being extremely easy to fit to virtually any surface.  In addition, if you need your heat to be mobile then we have an excellent range of panel heaters for sale which can be stood on the floor and moved from room to room as required.

What’s the Wattage?

Slimline panel heaters UK will all display a wattage rating.  As you will see from our products, this can range from 400W to 2000W.  The larger the wattage of your panel heater the more electricity it will use each hour.  However, it will also produce more heat and warm your room quicker. 

This can actually make higher watt panel heaters more efficient and cost effective than lower watt versions!

Benefits of Slimline Panel Heaters

  • Space Saving

Slimline panel heaters from our UK warehouse are stylish and elegant; but they also take up very little space in your room.  You can choose to have your slimline panel heater wall mounted, or free standing.  This maximizes the space you have available in your home for your own needs and even allows you to remove the panel heater in the summer months and store it.

In contrast a wet heating system requires you to have fixed radiators which can be obtrusive and often start to degrade in appearance in a relatively short space of time.

  • Practical

Choose one of our slimline panel heaters and you will be surprised at how easy it is to heat a room; or even target the heat at yourself.  Freestanding panel heaters can be stood near your feet whilst you work; heating your whole body instantly!

  • Versatility

Whether you choose a freestanding heater or a wall mounted version; you will be given all the mounting fixtures you need.  In fact, you will have complete freedom regarding where you position your panel heater and you can move them very easily; even the wall mounted ones.  All you need is somewhere to plug them in! 

If you add in the fact that our range includes slimline electric panel heaters with timer you can appreciate just how flexible this heating solution can be!

  • Additional Heat

If you have extended your home you may find that it is proving difficult to add extra radiators to this area.  If you choose from our range of slimline panel heaters you will not have this issue.  Place one, or more, in the extended area of your home and turn it on when needed; it could not be simpler!

  • Cost Effective

You may be surprised at how cost effective a slimline panel heater actually is.  In fact, they can be a better purchase than a wet system; especially when allowing for all maintenance and other ongoing costs.

Our range of slimline electric panel heaters are designed to look good in your home and fulfil your need for warmth; instantly and without fuss.  You can set the thermostat, timer, or even control it via a smart device.  A slimline panel heater with timer is convenient for controlling the heat and cost of your heating solution.

The range of options can seem confusing but our sales and support team are on hand to ensure you have all the advice and guidance you need.  Even better, you can order a slimline panel heater before 12pm and have it dispatched on the same day!

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