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Vermatik Premium Aluminium Chain Link Fly Curtain

  • Stops flying insects, mosquitos, wasps, ants and more
  • Ideal for privacy whilst allowing air flow
  • No need for sprays, candles or deterrent creams
  • Maximum Curtain Length 2100mm
  • 990mm Hanging Rail


  • Keep flying insects at bay with the Vermatik Premium Aluminium Chain Link Fly Curtain. This high quality aluminium fly curtain creates a barrier between you and the outside world whilst still allowing you to have your doors open, so you can let the fresh air in and leave the unhygienic flying insects out.

    As stated by the Food Standards Agency (Food Hygene) General Regulations 1995:

    "Windows and doors which are opened to the outside environment must where necessary be fitted with insect proof screens..."

    So make flies a thing of the past with the Vermatik Fly Screen.


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