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Eco Electric Radiators

Browse our range of eco electric radiators. Our eco-friendly electric radiators have some of the most energy efficient heating solutions, features and technologies available online and on the market today. With the cost of living rising, saving money on your heating can make all the difference!

Eco Electric Radiators

Our low energy electric radiators are 100% energy efficient! All electricity used by our electric radiators are converted into emitted heat, which is a huge leap in efficiency from conventional water based heating systems. Plumbed in radiators have hot water running throughout your house via the central heating using copper piping which isn’t well insulated, this in turn reduces the effectiveness of your radiators, meaning the water is constantly loosing heat.

When you are looking for economic, efficient and safe ways to heat your home, look no further than our eco electric radiator range. Our heaters do not burn any fuel internally to generate heat meaning a huge decrease in safety risks and a way to cut down on your carbon footprint. Also as there aren’t any liquids inside, this prevents any chance of a leaking radiator which if left unsupervised over winter months can cause serious issues.

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