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Battery Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

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  If you want to cut or trim a tall hedge, a battery pole hedge trimmer could be the answer to your prayers. Some hedges are so high that you cannot cut the top with a regular hedge trimmer, and we definitely would not recommend balancing on a ladder while using one. Long reach or battery extendable hedge trimmers have extendable shafts, which let you cut the side of a hedge well above head height. The cutting head can also be set at various angles up to 90 degrees to the shaft, so you can easily cut the top while standing on the ground.

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   Battery Pole hedge trimmers are the best for managing large gardens because you do not have to worry about cables being tangled up or cutting through one while working in tight spots. Our lithium ion battery powered Battery Telescopic Hedge Trimmer has loads of power with no need for an extension lead whenever doing jobs!

When do I need a battery pole hedge trimmer? If you are looking to save time and effort, then this is the perfect tool for your needs. You can get started on projects around your home without worrying about running out of power! Our hand-held battery operated equipment will typically last 45 minutes with regular use but if you have a larger garden than that may not be enough - in which case we recommend checking out some models supplied by us which come equipped 2 batteries giving close 2 hours worth’s worktime.

If you're looking for a way to enjoy your time in the garden without wearing ear protectors and worrying about excessive noise pollution, our battery long reach hedge trimmers are just what you need. They provide peace of mind when working with their much quieter operation than regular petrol-powered models!

Whether you're reaching for the highest or largest branches, this cordless battery pole hedge trimmer will make quick work of even those trickiest spots! The lightweight design makes it easy to use and move around your garden without getting tired. With its modern technology that allows users to go as high up in hedges while not straining themselves - no more struggling with heavy equipment on tough jobs anymore.

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  All our battery long reach hedge trimmers come with a Futura Direct no quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and comes complete with a Comprehensive Warranty as standard. A Fast and efficient UK Customer Service team are always on hand to assist when needed. Next Day Delivery available on all orders, check out our delivery options page for more information. 

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