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Top 3 Panel Heaters for 2019

Top 3 Panel Heaters for 2019

Looking for the best panel heater money can buy? Need an additional source of heating for the winter ahead? Check out our range of panel heaters and plug-in electric panel heaters on sale here at FuturaDirect.

We breakdown the best selling panel heaters available online and highlight some of the most popular products for heating any space this winter...

Unsure what size or shape panel heater you need? Check out our free panel heater calculator page or check out the videos below and on our youtube channel.  

Bathroom Panel Heaters

Our range of bathroom safe panel heaters are ideal for small and large bathrooms alike. Depending on the size of bathroom these splash proof and water/ humidity resistant panel heaters offer surge protection as well as water proof design and IP rating. When fitted by a trained professional these bathroom safe panel heaters offer a low cost alternative to towel rails and can be used either with the timer and thermostat functions or by simply turning the heater on and off when required.

Slimline Panel Heaters

Need a confined or small space heating up? Try our range of slimline panel heaters for improved eco heating ideal in small spaces. Our slimline panel heaters fit snugly to all walls including dry walls or plaster board as well as solid brick and block walls. Coming complete with thin mounting brackets these low profile, slim panel heaters are ideal for corridors, toilets, cloak rooms and storage rooms and they also come equipped with timers and thermostats. 

Wall Mounting Panel Heaters

Shipped complete with wall mounting fitting kits our range of wall mounting panel heaters offer customers the chance to place their panel heater on almost any wall where a plug socket can be found or added.

These wall mountable heaters can be placed quickly on most wall surfaces including dry walls or plaster board walls, internal walls, stud walls as well as solid brick and block walls. A simple tool kit is all that is required to drill the wall where wall plugs and wall mounting brackets are included with all our wall mounting panel heaters. 

If you are unsure as to which panel heater you require, simply contact our sales and support team for more info. You can also read about the costs of running a panel heater and more info on bathroom panel heater IP ratings here.

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