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Best Electric Heaters to Buy this 2019

Best Electric Heaters to Buy this 2019

Here at FuturaDirect we stock and sell a wide range of electric heating products. With panel heaters, electric radiators and outdoor heaters being just some of the main categories. But if you are shopping online this winter for a new electric heater, what are the best types and where can you buy the best value for money electric heater?

What size heater do I need?

Firstly to establish what kind or power electric heater you need, our Electric Heating Calculator App is ideal. This app will tell you an approximate wattage or power output which is required to heat a certain space. To use the App simply measure the room in which the heater will be placed so as to ensure that the output of the heater is sufficient enough to heat the size of room. For any assistance in using the App please contact our helpful customer service team who can guide you through and also showcase some appropriate heater models. 

Our Best Panel Heaters

When shopping online for the best electric panel heater, refining exactly what is it you are looking for can be the very best way to define which type of panel heater is required and so best suited to purpose. Using the Heat Calculator App (above) to work out what wattage and size panel heater is required can make the process of shopping for the best panel heater quicker yet taking into consideration the room which the panel heater will be placed is also paramount. For example should a panel heater be required to heat a bathroom or kitchen then by choosing the best waterproof panel heater is key.

Our Best Oil Filled Portable Electric Radiators

Portable electric oil filled radiators are an incredibly popular electric heating solution due to their mobility, power output and price. Choosing the best oil filled radiator on sale is easy once you know the correct wattage required for the space it is simply a case of choosing the correct model oil filled electric heater and checking-out. 

Our Best Plug in Electric Radiators

Plug-in electric radiators come in a variety of formats including flat panel, oil filled, wall mounting, horizontal and sometimes vertical. In stock at FuturaDirect our plug in electric radiators represent terrific value for money and are perfect for landlord and commercial applications as well as popular with buy to let investors. Complete with plug attached they mount easily to most walls (including stud-walls) and they also come with timer and thermostat features too so that heating can be controlled on a radiator by radiator basis.

This timer and thermostat feature also make them some of the most economical forms of heating as no heat is lost through pipework as with conventional, combi-boiler and gas fired central heating installations. 


Find your perfect electric heater this winter here at FuturaDirect, read more about the benefits of electric heating here and be sure to contact our customer service team for all and any enquiries regarding our products, installation, 2 year free warranties or for more info.




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