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What’s the best chain fly curtain for sale online?

What’s the best chain fly curtain for sale online?

How do chain fly screens work? Do chain fly screens work? 

Wasps, bees, flies, ants and even creepy crawlies come out in force during summer months here in the UK. Chain fly screens are a great way to protect yourself and your premises from annoying flying insects and also help ensure food, safety and hygiene standards.

The months of July, August and September bring flies, bugs and critters in their drones making a chain fly curtain the perfect summer accessory for your home or commercial premises. Easy to install and once installed these heavy duty aluminium chain fly screens create an impassable barrier for small flies including wasps and bees as well as lots of smaller flying insects.

Chain Fly Screen; Ideal for Commercial Premises & Food Industry

Running a commercial enterprise always comes with its problems, flies and bugs are one pest control problem which customers need not worry about in any shop front with the addition of a fly screen.  Butchers shops, cafes and restaurants as well as pubs and kitchen entrances benefit from a reduction in the number of flies and flying insects which are found inside, aiding cleanliness as well as improving hygiene standards. Chain fly screens also denote an entrance to a shop attracting customers to come inside.

What metal are chain fly screens made from?

Often made from aluminium and sometime stainless steel, metal chain fly screens are durable, long lasting and easy to install. Measuring 90cm by 210cm they tuck away neatly when not in use or can be removed completely in a matter or seconds.

Metal v. plastic chain fly screens

When accessing whether to buy a metal fly screen or a plastic fly screen, consider that insects and pests can fit through small openings and as such once the wind blows and the weather comes into play; plastic fly screens can move dramatically and so allow the passage of insects through. Metal fly screens are robust and do not move around as much in wind and so stop more insects from penetrating the barrier.

How to fit a chain fly screen

Fitting a fly screen couldn’t be easier, simply attach the mounting brackets and then hook the chain fly screen over. This simple fitment ensures that the curtain stays in-place and does not come unattached when in use or as people pass through it. Once fitted the curtain can be tied back with a simple hook and loop system so as to proved uninterrupted access to doorways.

What to look for in a high quality chain fly screen

Prices for chain fly screen can differ depending on where and what material they’re made from. Understanding what makes a high quality chain fly screen when shopping online means checking out detailed specification, size, shape, materials used, hanging brackets and the inclusion of a fitting kit can make the difference between a long lasting product or a throw away fad.

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