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In Review; Futura Deluxe Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater (2000w)

In Review; Futura Deluxe Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater (2000w)

Futura Deluxe Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Outdoor Garden Patio Heater 2000W

Perfect for late Summer nights or Autumn, Winter and Spring evenings. Our range of outdoor garden heating is powerful and affordable all year round.

Designed to be used outside these remote controlled, fully waterproof units are perfect for either commercial and domestic installation in gardens, patio areas, seating areas, smoking shelters or any outdoor space where additional heat may be required.

Boasting 3 heat settings including low, medium and high (with a range from 700 Watt, 1500 Watt and 2000 Watt) the Futura Deluxe 2000w Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater is IP65 (waterproof) rated, is made from aluminium (so will not rust) and measures 63cm in length by 15cm high and 12 cm deep, combined with its lightweight (2kg) design makes this an ideal outdoor heater to wall mount almost anywhere outside. 

Futura Deluxe Outdoor 2000w Patio Heater (Key Features)

Make the most of your outside space all year round with the Futura 2000W Garden Patio Heater. Don’t let a chill in the air prevent you from enjoying being outdoors. Whether you are having a party, BBQ or just sitting outside to look at the stars, with this patio heater you won’t need to nip inside to warm up again!

The Garden Patio Heater comes with an infrared heating element that allows a coverage of up to 25m² and fitted with 3 heat settings for added control. Fitted in a waterproof casing this patio heater can be used all year round in all-weather conditions, even in your bathroom!

At just 25p per hour not only is this garden patio heater incredibly cheap to run it is extremely energy efficient too.

No need to get out of that comfortable chair, our heater operates by means of a simple to use remote control, perfect for the relaxing evening ensuring you have no chance of catching a chill!

  • Highly efficient Infrared heating element
  • 3 Heat Settings: 700W, 1500W & 2000W
  • 5m power cable
  • Full wall mounting kit included
  • Heating area up to 25m²
  • Fully Waterproof IP65 approved
  • Offers both heat and light
  • Size: 630 x 150 x 120mm
  • Weight: 2KG

Futura Deluxe 2000w Outdoor Patio Heater FAQs

Does this come with a plug? How long is the power cable?
It comes with a 1.5 metre power cable and a 3 pin 13 amp British plug

Is it easy to set up?
The wall mounting process uses no more than the screws and wall plugs provided. Using the small pilot holes on the pivoting axle, line up the correct fitment, dill into a solid foundation to hang from and then pivot the unit to direct heat where needed.

How much does it weigh? Can I put this up by myself?
The weight is 4 Kgs and we would recommend taking extra care when installing this by yourself.

Does this fan have a warranty period?
All of our products comes with a standard 2 year warranty

Will it rust over time or is it aluminium?
The frame is built from aluminium and has an IP rating of IP65 so you need not worry about leaving it mounted outdoors.

2000w Deluxe Outdoor Patio Heater -- Buy Online @Futura Direct UK 

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