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In Review; Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket with Dual Controller (Cotton)

In Review; Dreamcatcher Double Electric Blanket with Dual Controller (Cotton)

The Dreamcatcher double electric blanket with dual controls (made from cotton) is one of the best selling double electric blankets available to buy anywhere online. Its cotton fabric presents a soft and warm surface and the dual control with thermostat and timer feature allows either side of the bed to control its own temperature and fits snugly to double beds measuring 137cm by 193cm due to its deep, elasticated collar.

Product Code: DCOTEBD

  • 18 Controller Comfort Settings - 9 Feet & 9 Body Comfort Settings
  • Size: Double Bed 137 x 193cm
  • Timer Function 1-12hrs
  • Advanced Overheat Protection
  • Super Energy Efficient – Running at less than 2p an hour


Product Description...

The Dreamcatcher Premium Cotton Double Size Electric Blanket. The blanket is guaranteed to have the right function and peace of mind no matter how cold it gets. All electric blankets are fitted with our overheat safeguard system. The luxurious soft touch pure cotton top panel is breathable and quilted for extra comfort, the under blanket is the perfect addition to every household.

With 18 controller comfort settings, a timer with auto switch off, fast heat up and an extra feet warmth setting and a total safety system, The electric blanket also acts as a cotton mattress protector which keeps you warm in the winter and cool through the summer months. The ultra-thin wires and the soft cotton topper provide you with a comfortable nights sleep. Now washing machine safe, cleaning your electric under blanket has never been easier, simply remove the controllers!

Key Features... 

  • Dual Bedside Heating Controllers
  • Advanced Overheat Protection
  • 18 controller comfort settings - 9 Feet & 9 Body Comfort Settings
  • Timer Function 1-12hrs
  • Quick heat up time
  • Super Energy Efficient
  • Extra Comfort & Warmth
  • Premium Cotton Quilt
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V 50Hz
  • The elasticated skirt will keep it firmly in place all night long.

The Dreamcatcher Cotton Double Electric blanket is just one of the Futura Direct range of double electric blankets on sale online. 


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