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Product Code: ACP41S

Vermatik Advanced Plug In 4 In 1 Electromagnetic/ Ultrasonic Rat/Mouse/Rodent Repeller

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    • It's Electro-magnetic wave frequency is especially effective against rodent
    • Mosquito Plug In stimulates and destroys the pests nervous system with ultrasonic waves
    • Pulse circuitry sends waves through cabling in walls throughout your home giving superior coverage
    • Effective Coverage up to 60m²
    • Safe to use with Cats, Dogs and Pets


  • Whether you have an ant infestation, a cockroach problem or even a mouse in your house, we have the solution for you; the Vermatik Repeller. This pest control system will rid your house of your infestation problem without the use of pesticides and traps, simply plug into the wall and watch your infestation disappear.

    The electromagnetic pulses within the repeller deters the pests by stimulating the nervous system with high frequency waves, making your home an unlivable environment for them.

    The Vermatik Repeller also comes with an ionic air purifier which will remove bad bacteria that attracts unwanted pests to stop any pests returning


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