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Product Code: FUTURAZ40

Vermatik 40W Commercial Electric Fly Zapper & Electric Fly Killer

  • Low energy bulbs with low operating costs
  • Keeps your home and business free from flying insects
  • No need for sprays, candles or deterrent creams
  • Keeps bug bites to a minimum
  • Product Dimensions: 630(W) x 300(H) x 90(D)mm
  • Keep insects at bay with the Vermatik 40W Electric Fly Killer. This mains powered insect killer uses ultraviolet bulbs to attract flying insects into an electrically charged grid and collects the fallen insects in a removable and easy to clean tray.

    Constructed from high quality aluminium allow this insect zapper is ideal for use in the home, office and other commercial outlets. Whilst small in size this insect killer still packs more than enough of a punch for large industrial areas. The ultraviolet bulbs are also low energy so you can run the bug zapper running at with very low running cost too.

    Whether its mosquitos, flies or even wasps there is no insect the Vermatik Electric Fly Killer cannot handle and with an additional bulb at no extra cost you will no longer have to waste your money on chemicals or sprays that smell terrible to protect you. So get something that kills bugs for good.


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