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Terratek Stud Finder Wall Scanner Wire Detector

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  • Stud finder simply hold the scan button and slowly slide the wire detector across the surface until the wall scanner detects either metal, live wires, wood or pipes
  • Detects Metal up to 2.4" (60mm), Live AC Wires up to 2.0" (51mm), Wood Stud up to 0.75" (20mm)
  • LCD Display: Features A Built-In Backlit LCD Screen As Well As An Audio And Visual Indication With Beep Sound Alert For Optimal Signal Alert

  • Simple Calibration: Press and Hold the Scan Button to Start Calibration

  • 2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee

  • The Terratek stud finder has the ability to find studs up to 38mm" deep. Use it to be precise when hanging pictures, televisions and other items on the wall safely and securely. The AC detection can find live wires quickly and easily to ensure that you will not pierce one accidentally. This electronic wire detector is equipped with audible and LCD indicators that let you know quickly in one pass when a live wire has been located. Its included technology also allows you to locate the centre of the wood for the most stable and reliable spot on the wall. This live wall scanner is a lightweight piece of equipment that is easy to use and carry around.

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