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Product Code: TTCHD1800

Premium Quality Heavy Duty High Speed 1800W Commercial Automatic Hand Dryer

  • Water Protection Rating: IP20
  • Product Dimensions: 320(W) x 175(H) x 293(D)mm
  • Sensor Range: 50 - 120mm
  • Saves Money on Paper Towels in the Long Run
  • Air Speed: >60m/s
  • Are you sick of restocking on paper towels to dry your hands that you literally throw away? Well we have the perfect solution; Automatic Hand Dryers. Within a few months you will have spent more on paper towels than the cost of Hand Dryer, so why not save money, save trees and reduce waste!

    With advanced touchless infrared proximity sensor technology, the dryer will only activate the blower when your hands are within the sensors range. Not only will this save on electricity cost but it also is a much more hygienic way of drying your hands too, when compared to competing hand dryers that need to be touched to activate and run for a pre-determined time. Its rounded housing prevents objects from being placed on the unit and damaging its surface.


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