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Product Code: HXV200

Heartline Professional Unisex Six Pack EMS Abdominal Ab Toning Belt

  • Tone the muscles, firm the abs
  • Complete workout for all the ab muscles
  • Intensity levels: 0 - 40
  • Belt fits waist sizes 27"- 46"
  • Designed for both men and women
  • The Heartline abdominal toning belt uses clinically proven Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology to tone and firm the abs in six to eight weeks. The result of this repetitive action is tighter, firmer and more toned abs. It automatically advances you through programs one to 5. It has a built-in controller with LCD visual display. The intensity levels range from zero to 40. The belt fits waist sizes 27 inches to 49 inches. This toning belt works by using electrical muscle stimulations it generates safe, gentle electrical pulses that are delivered on to your skin from the pads on the inside of the belt.

    These electrical pulses activate the nerves, which controls the muscles. The muscles then contract and relax in a similar way to a natural exercise routine e.g. performing regular sit ups/stomach crunches. The electrical pulses generated by this toning belt are completely safe & harmless and are not to be confused with a receiving an electric shock.


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