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Product Code: FUTLACWRC

Futura 65W 2 In 1 Electric Oscillating Air Cooler & Humidifier With Timer

  • Oscillation function
  • 8 hour countdown timer. The machine will switch off automatically when the time has finished
  • 2 Ice crystal boxes for extra cold mode
  • 3 Cooling Mode Speeds Low, Med & High
  • Product size 780(L) x 370(W) x 290(D)mm
  • The Futura Air Cooler does more than just cool down, it also comes with a built in humidifier as well, so not only can you stay cool but you can improve the air quality and protect your skin from drying up too.

    With a 4L tank that uses tap water to cool the air as well as 2 Ice crystal boxes for extra cold mode you can rest assured that you can stay cooler during the warmer months whilst enjoying the improved air quality all year round.


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