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18V Volt Cordless DIY Combi Drill & Stud Finder Screwdriver Set

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  • Sensational Electric Screwdriver Set
  • Easily drill through wood, metal and similar materials
  • 16 Torque settings and variable speed control
  • 38mm read depth stud finder included
  • 2 year manufacturer guarantee

  • Whether you love DIY or you are an expert craftsman. This is one drill that gives you ultimate adaptability. Working on your jobs is always made so much simpler when you have the flexibility to be mobile when it comes to your projects. That is why it's essential that you have a cordless power tool that can keep up with your ever-changing crafting needs.

    The Terratek Cordless Power Drill offers that versatility in spades, as it features 18V of power, 13 piece accessory kit, and a 16-position torque selector to help you power through the toughest wood, metal and more. When you need a power drill that is equally great on both a work site and in the home, you need the Terratek 18V cordless power drill driver.

    The Terratek stud finder has the ability to locate studs up to 38mm" deep. Use it to be precise when hanging pictures, televisions and other items on the wall safely and securely. The AC detection can find live wires effortlessly at a rapid speed to ensure that you will not pierce one accidentally. This electronic wire detector is equipped with audible and LCD indicators that let you know quickly in one pass when a live wire has been located. Its included technology also allows you to detect the centre of the wood for the most stable and reliable spot on the wall. This live wall scanner is a lightweight piece of equipment that is easy to use and carry around.p>


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