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Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters

Browse our selection of wall mounted outdoor heaters below! Our wall mounted heaters are perfect for fitting onto the back wall of your house, smoking shelters, garages and various other commercial settings. Our wall mounted outdoor heaters come packaged as DIY installations so all the required fitments and instructions to allow for wall mounting are included with your purchase.

Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Our Wall Mounted Patio Heaters, selection can keep you warm long into the night with its ability to heat areas up to 25m² whilst also emitting a bright orange glow. The wall mountings used need nothing more than a couple of screws with wall plugs attached and by using small pilot holes on a pivoting axle, it allows you to quickly and easily line up the correct fitment, drill it into a solid foundation that the heater can comfortably hang from and then finally using the pivoting point on the back to direct the heat exactly where you want it. Electricity is supplied to the wall mounted Patio heater through a 1.5 meter power cable fitted with a standard 3 pin 13 amp British plug.

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