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Massage Products

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Browse our range of massage products below! With a great selection of Heartline products designed to give you relaxation and comfort without needing to spend on spa days. After a long day, treat yourself with one of our neck massages or if you have been on your feet all day then our foot massages are ideal for you.



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Massage Products

Our massage products are ideal for those who struggle day to day with shoulder issues, stiff necks and muscle fatigue in the lower half of your body as well as also being very good at helping those with poor circulatory problems in your feet and shins.

Whilst being very effective at helping those with injury pain and reoccurring issues, the Heartline range of massage products is also ideal for those who simply want to unwind and relax after a long day. All of our massaging products come with various settings and functions to allow you to use it for deep tissue massaging if required but also set it to be much easier on your muscles and provide and very soothing and relaxing experience.


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