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Home Fly Killers

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Browse our selection of home fly killers below! Our domestic fly killers are ideal for use indoors such as in kitchens, conservatories or just generally anywhere in your home where flying insects are an issue. Our home fly killers are also perfectly able to operate outside with a strong aluminium body and a hanging chain to suspend next to doors that lead into your property.

Home Fly Killers

Protect your home from unwanted flying insects with our great selection of home fly killers that operate using UV bulbs. Eliminating the need for searching and chasing flying insects around your home after you have spotted them with toxic and horrible smelling fly sprays, coating your furniture and kitchen tops with harmful chemicals. No longer will you need to light multiple candles around your home to ward off mosquitos. No unsightly strips of dead flies hanging from your ceiling. Our fly killers for home solve all of these issues by being silent during operation, average bulb lifespan of 6000 hours so you can leave it on and forget about it, no nasty smells or harmful chemicals involved and uses a sliding tray to catch all of the dead insects in the bottom, allowing you to quickly and easily dispose of any dead flies.

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