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Electronic Pest Control

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Browse our range of electronic pest control products below! By utilising electromagnetic frequency waves to deter and repel a large variety of different insects and pests. Our pest control systems will rid your house of infestations without needing to resort to chemical pesticides that can be toxic, traps that rarely solve an infestation permanently and poisons that can be dangerous around children and animals.

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Electronic Pest Control

Our electronic pest control products provide effective coverage up to 60 meters squared by emitting electromagnetic pulses that deters pests from coming too close with high frequency waves that stimulates their central nervous system in such a way that it is incredibly uncomfortable for a rodent or insect. This prevents any unwanted visitors from causing a nuisance or worse, build a nest.

Our pest controller provide 24/7 protection. Simply plug in one of our electronic pest control devices and let it safely and effectively protect you from various insects, both crawling and flying without having any negative effects on your home, your family or your pets.

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